Listed below are my recommended requirements for your dental photography kit.

1. DSLR camera preferred Canon or Nikon kit cameras with zoom lens ideal.

See Canon Camera list pages.

See Nikon Camera list pages

2. 90, 100 or 105mm macro prime lens.

See lens list page.

3. UV protective filter for lens.

See lens list page

4. Ring flash...not LED or ring light.

5. High Power batteries such as Duracell Pro Cell or USB Cell rechargeable.

6. Set of retractors.

7. Selection of mirrors metal or glass.

8. Contraster.

9. 8GB SD basic card.

Unless doing video then higher speed card is  required.

10. Hard Case to protect your camera when not in use.

11. Replacement equipment service if malfunction of camera lens or flash in warranty, you will find it difficult if your equipment is away for any length of time.

12. Full technical support.

See www.dentalphotographyinpractice for more details.