Good high power batteries are essential...see bottom of page for recommendation.

Purchasing any of the items via the link below?

Contact me here  for settings.

Canon MR-14 EX ll Macrolite

Canon fit only. Recommended flash for dental photography but pricey.

Canon MT-24 EX Twin flash

Canon fit only. Recommended flash for dental photography but pricey.

Yongnuo Ringflash

Canon fit, but I have been using on my Nikons for a while now, but obviously cant guarantee it will work long term. A lookalike to the Canon flash at a great price, I have been trying this flash for a while now and have had users feedback and all worth a try especially at this price.

When changing batteries make sure the battery lid is fully pressed down before closing, as failing to do this can cause damage and I suspect it won't be covered under warranty. So basically you get what you pay for, a very cheap flash compared with the Canon...other option would be the Nissin flash.

Step down ring adapter for use with 62mm thread Sigma macro lenses. Click here.

Nissin MF18 Ringflash

Canon and Nikon  fit.  Recommended flash for dental photography cheapest alternative on this list, is robust and works very well. Buy now, flash set up for intra oral photography, includes basic settings sheet.



Nikon R1C1 Ringflash

Sigma EM-140 DG Macro Flash

Canon, Nikon, Sigma and Sony fit. Cheaper alternative to the Canon, but more expensive than the Nissin and not as robust or easy in use as the Nissin and Dine.